Sunday, June 23, 2013


( I will almost always take a picture of a Buddha in a garden, I cant help myself..smiles)
These are just random photos of things I saw on this years garden tour that struck my interest. This years theme was sustainability, although it was not very emphasized.
 A beautiful fountain in the Oleander Garden behind the Moody Mansion. I never knew this garden was here.
 I love the varying shades of this hybrid oleander
 Dutchman's Pipe although people were calling it something different at a few gardens
 Lotus blossoms in a water feature
 This is a nice cistern, the wood siding was added to make it more pleasing to the eye, the other ones on the property were just the black plastic cylinders.
 I thought this was pretty cute
 I definitely want to bead my hanging baskets, this was very pretty
 An old pallet made into a planter ( Rehab Center for Brain Injured)
 This is a table top garden , what make it unique is that this is for Wheelchair bound patients in therapy to be able to garden
 These are neat made from pallets as well and livened up with bright paint.
 What a great coop at the rehab center, no chickens yet. I have a rooster that I'd be happy to give to them.
 A volunteer at San Jacinto Garden brought these shopping totes back from France. She donated them to the community garden with proceeds benefiting the garden. Since I am a definite bag lady and all you have to say is France and I am smitten, I bought 2.
I love the poppies at San Jacinto Garden. I bought some seeds from their plants and hope they will grow as well for me in my garden.

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