Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just a few Happy Pictures

Its not often I get the chance to dress up and feel good about myself.

My Triumph America

This is my Triumph America. I call her Hemlock. My biker chick name is Kitty Velour keeping in line with the British theme.
The name came about when my husband teasingly said my name should be sweat pants I admonished him stating he was being ridiculous and anyone could clearly see it was a velour lounge suit.
So I took the name Kitty Velour in homage to James Bond's , pussy galore in goldfinger.

I have taken the safety course and got my motorcycle license.

I am still a novice rider with only 130 miles under my belt currently.

Private Professional Guardian

Its been awhile since I have updated regularly. I took time this past year to study and pass my state exam to be a Texas Certified Private Professional Guardian.
I have done my introduction to the courts and hope to be assigned cases soon.

A Guardian is someone appointed by the court to see to the welfare of a disabled or incapacitated person.

I have worked with guardians for many years and my background as a private caregiver gave me the experience to go forward.

I am hoping I will be able to make a suitable living while doing a job that I love.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride

My husband and I riding in The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride in Houston. It is a world wide fundraiser for the Awareness of Prostrate Cancer and in addition Suicide Prevention. 

There were just under 100 bikes, everyone was in some time of fancy dress and people lined the streets to watch us parade by. It was a very enjoyable time. 

I am already ordering my attire for next year.

Book Donation for Baton Rouge School

 I received a message on Facebook from a friend telling me about an elementary school In Baton Rouge Louisiana that had been completely flooded. The school lost everything and folks were working hard to open it in a temporary location . They were in dire need of childrens books for their library. 

I had a work trip scheduled for Louisiana and I am all for getting as much accomplished as I can, so I loaded up over 100 childrens books from My June Goodwin Memorial Library and drove 5 hours to Baton Rouge and delivered them.

The photos are the few I took.

The St. Christus Nun Run

I wasn't going to believe it til I saw it. Real nuns in Motorcycle sidecars.There were well over 100 bikes and a tremendous turn out for the event. The sisters were adorable. This is an annual event called the Nun Run.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Hen House

 My girls have been some broody little baby makers this spring.
The began Hatching eggs out on March 8 and with a couple of weeks were back on a new nest . 3 of 8 babies made it from the first sitting 6 of 8 have hatched from the 2nd sitting.
Each sitting has produced very different colored chicks.