Friday, March 27, 2015


 I have always been in love with the idea of English Tea Parties. My only memories of tea parties were a childs tea my mother did for my sister and I , when we were very young. My Home Ec teacher  used to call it a tea when our last class was graded on table settings and we baked peanut butter cookies and invited other teachers as guests. I have been to one or two formal teas held at hotels.

My friend and neighbor recently had an Alice in wonderland themed party for her birthday. I made up several tea related quizes and games and we gave out prizes. It was a very nice event. Since then I have been obsessed with the idea of having tea parties more routinely.
 This is the tea set I have ordered with an extra set of 4 cups and saucers. I like that it looks so very vintage. I am a 1940's girl at heart. Its supposed to take 5 months to get here because of a port strike somewhere. I am not happy about that. I just hope it arrives so I can use it for my Grand Opening of The June Goodwin Memorial Little Free Library that I want to have when my husband gets home from Antarctica.
This is one of the table cloths I have . I have the sheer one on top, and I have two satin ones in this color called Hemlock. I am absolutely in love with this color. It was hard to come by but I have it and adore it. I've been collecting many tea accouterments . So I should have a lovely table once it all comes together.


 June Marie Goodwin 
June 23.1939- August 31,2014
This Little Free Library has been created to honor her memory. She was a world traveler and an avid reader.
This is our first Little Library. My husband is overseas and can't build a traditional LFL until he gets home.

 I am incredibly excited to have received our charter. We are Number 23199 in the world , and Number one in La Marque Texas. I have received great support from our Mayor, City Council, Chief of Police and the Genievieve Miller Library.
On June 23,2015 The La Marque City Counsel will Proclaim it to be June Goodwin Literacy Day in the City of La Marque.
 This is a general idea of how this Little Free Library Program Works.
 This is our Motto. It sounds just like something June would have said.
 Trying our Library out for size. I am maintaining a facebook page for people to be able to view what books are currently in the library as well as events we will sponsor such as book clubs, Book lovers tea parties, children's activities and reading contests.
I have done several coats of clear coat over the library and done chalk board paint on each side . I will be writing literary quotes, events etc on the sides. The Library contains a comment book so visitors can communicate with me and others. If they need something special they just have to know on the door. 
The library will be permanently posted outside our home once I am certain the weather is going to cooperate for awhile.

We felt this was the best place for it. It will be a constant reminder that we still have her in every book she read. It also gives me easy availability to ensure it is always maintained.


Hello Lovely's,

I've been missing in action. My old computer made some type of update and it no longer allowed me to post photos to my blog. Aside from that it worked as normal. Anyway my husband just bought me a brand new computer with his safety points Hooray. So I hope to get back into the routine of sharing my thoughts , recipes and adventures with all of you.