Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Easter Bunny--Free Range

Our dog Sally absolutely loves anything baby.

Whether its a kitten, bird or bunny,

she wants to play Mommy to it.

I have been wanting to get to a

bunny or a chicken

for the garden for awhile now
With Easter on the way this

seemed like the right time.

My garden makes me happy.

Its like a peaceable kingdom,

they way all my pets get along.

I have dogs, cats, a bird, a turtle

and now the bunny

My plan is that the bunny will be free range. I am going to have my husband build a cute little bunny hutch. That the bunny can enter and exit at will. I fully expect that she will get into the garden and nibble my plants but there is enough for everyone so I am not overly concerned. I like the whimsy she will bring to the garden and I want her to have an enjoyable life with plenty of socialization, variety in her diet , fresh air, and freedom.
Ironically she is asleep in her basket in the house with the dog sleeping beside her. She is to tiny to leave outside just yet. Truthfully I do not know yet if bunny is a male or a female. If male I may name him Winston Churchill, Female its a toss up between Margaret Thatcher (Maggie) or Rosie Veneretta ( Rosie).

The bunny seems to follow the dogs lead, It would not surprise me if she starts using the doggie door. She already drinks from the dogs dish.