Saturday, January 26, 2013


A week ago I was going to bake a red velvet cake for my clients birthday. I brought a box of Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake over and a canister of cream cheese frosting. When I went to make the cake I added one extra egg and Substituted egg nog in place of the water the package called for. This was the best Red Velvet cake anyone had ever tasted. It was moist and flavorful. It was a winner.
So next time you make a red velvet cake consider adding egg nog ( I used Horizon Brand egg nog) and an additional extra large egg.


 Auracana Chicken eggs in pretty pastel colors, fresh local honey,mandarin balsamic vinegar, chipotle goat cheese
Burgandy carrots (burgandy colored on the outside orange on the inside) and green onions being roasted in butter with fresh rosemary.
The past 2 Sundays I have made it to Galveston for the farmers market. I am enjoying it very much. I love the intersting things I find.
I used to always cook at home. The past few months though I have gotten away from it. I have noticed that my pets who normally eat what ever I cook have had to rely on there regular store bought pet food and I have noticed that they have put on weight and poop 10x more, than they did when they had dry dog food available but ate more home cooking. People say that dogs should not have people food but if the person is eating healthy how can it be bad for the dog. My dogs will eat what ever I eat whether its a chunk of watermelon or a piece of steak.


I love having chickens. They all have personalities and they are just a joy to watch. I would have never guessed how much happiness they give. A chicken doesn't miss anything, they see everything and they are very curious little creatures.
While cleaning out the fridge after Christmas there was a full pumpkin pie left over. So I put it out in the yard , figuring the Chickens or dogs would take care of it. It was to cute watching chickens eat a Sally our Golden Retriever finished up the left overs.


 Kathy in her fancy white snow bunny hat
 Antler arch lit up at night
 Antler arch. The arches are truly made of real antlers. I did not know that antlered animals shed there horns each year and grew new ones. In Jackson the Boy Scouts scour the woods and find antlers that they sell at an auction in the town square. This is their biggest fundraiser. I thought that was really cool and I am glad to know the former owners of these antlers are still living happily in the woods.

 I just loved this photo of the Noble Pig at Cafe Genevieve in Downtown Jackson


 These are the dogs houses
 Kathy all bundled up. It was a cold,cold did I say cold day.
 This is our sled and dogs
 Granite Hot Springs- Greg
 Yes, apparently I am crazy enough to get into a bikini in freezing weather.
 The springs were very nice.
Kathy and Grits ( sled dog)


 When we walked into our cabin ,we were greeted with a Floral arrangement, a bottle of wine, wyoming beer on ice, a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and a cheese and fruit plate
 The entire room was strewn with red rose petals
 This is the creek and the little waterfall outside our cabin
 This bridge spans the creek and was one of the many pretty views from our cabin
This is our cabin/ suite. It was beautifully decorated. They provide Moulton Brown toiletries which a fabulous and there are always fresh fluffy towels and plenty of them. The bathroom even has a heated floor. There is  a stereo in the room which was great for playing a cool jazzy cd  I bought along the way . Its very quiet and serene there. The staff is A-1 and I'd give the entire experience 5 stars.
The staff made reservations for our dinners out and for all our excursions. They took us to and from anywhere we wanted to go. Anything I could possibly want was provided. Any question I had was answered, and expectation I had was fulfilled and exceeded.
On our last day I asked if they would mind taking me to a nursing home so I could give away the beautiful arrangement in our room and a bible that had been given to me by a stranger in town. With out hesitation they drove me there and waited for me.
When I wanted to order wild game to have shipped home for our Big Christmas Party, they handled that.
Apres ski my husband and his new found ski buddies homesteaded the bar which is beautiful and rustic. We were introduced to Wyoming whiskey and a fabulous array of cocktails.
We also took advantage of the spa services. My husbsand had a full body massage which was much needed after 2 full days of skiing, and I had the rose wrap which was delightful.
We enjoyed our stay so much we are planning on staying there again next year.


 San Giovanni Italian Americans Christmas Party
 Amed Medical & Hospice Christmas Party
 Galveston County Social Services Guardian Christmas Party for the wards
 Gulf Coast Barn Dance and Christmas Party

 The Goodwin's Annual Christmas Party

The Goodwin's Christmas Vacation Jackson Hole, WY
The Month of December was a very busy one for me. Between getting everything ready for the Holidays, Going on Vacation and Giving and attending a ton of parties and my computer going kaput. I had no time to blog.
I will try to get everything up to date