Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Auracana Chicken eggs in pretty pastel colors, fresh local honey,mandarin balsamic vinegar, chipotle goat cheese
Burgandy carrots (burgandy colored on the outside orange on the inside) and green onions being roasted in butter with fresh rosemary.
The past 2 Sundays I have made it to Galveston for the farmers market. I am enjoying it very much. I love the intersting things I find.
I used to always cook at home. The past few months though I have gotten away from it. I have noticed that my pets who normally eat what ever I cook have had to rely on there regular store bought pet food and I have noticed that they have put on weight and poop 10x more, than they did when they had dry dog food available but ate more home cooking. People say that dogs should not have people food but if the person is eating healthy how can it be bad for the dog. My dogs will eat what ever I eat whether its a chunk of watermelon or a piece of steak.

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