Thursday, March 26, 2009


My husband loves all things Russian so when we heard about the Russian circus being in town, we couldn't wait to go. The show was spectacular. The costumes were beautiful and the agility of the performers was a sight to behold.

For the first time in America, Artania, a big-top performance by the Kantemirov Family of Cossack Riders, will thrill audiences with a musical mystery show featuring 55 aerial artists, musicians, acrobats and a stable of rare Russian horses.

“Artania hit Houston March 14 for a four-week run at SHRP. The family-friendly event is billed as a celebration of life and man’s love for horses. And what horses. Akhal-Teke Thoroughbreds, Tersks, Ukrainians and Orloff Trotters.
The Akhal-Teke is the most ancient and one of the rarest breeds in the world and one of show’s mounts is an albino Akhal-Teke with a bloodline dating back to the time of Alexander the Great.The animals perform a mix of classical dressage — a form of horse ballet — and daredevil gallops as riders stand, leap and contort on top of them.
The show combines the theatrical stylings of the popular Cirque du Soleil performances with lights, music and costumes but does it on the hoof, so to speak.Artania comes from a long history of Cossack horsemanship. Alibek Kantimerov, founder of the Kantemirov horse-riding dynasty from North Ossetia, Russia, began his career as a circus rider and was the first in the history of Russian circuses to create a riding troupe. Known as Alibek, they performed traditional Ossetian stunts on horseback. In 1947 Alibek and his three sons, Khasanbek, Irbek and Mukhtarbek, created a system of acrobatic horse riding stunts for the Soviet cinema, which later became a classic art form for Russian films.
The stunts and horse dressage of the Kantemirovs have been featured in more than 50 films in Russia.“We are thrilled to present the debut of Artania in Houston, Texas,” said Mairbek Kantimerov, creative director of Artania. “The city consists of a large international community and has a respected arts community along with a long-standing tradition of horsemanship, making this an ideal location for our show.”


Hey Honey,

I was able to finally get on line last night after trying for like a hour but finally succeeded in doing so and was able to get to check out your blog and it looks wonderful lots of color and pictures of a couple that look like they are very much in love which we are great job.

Still sitting at the dock waiting on orders oh by the way I received conformation that my package did arrive in London so they have in their hands now we just have to wait for the certificate hopefully we wont have to wait to long for it.

Things seem to be going well on here as for now and real quiet and peaceful, the only thing that is missing is you and even though I may have only been gone for a day now I still miss you and wish that we could be together

I had a wonderful time home and did you know we held each other the whole time we were together and didn't stray from each other at all except for when I hauled ass to walmart to get the new filter, we do absolutely love each other and feel a strong sense of security when we are in each others company that we don't allow anything to come between us when we are together or even when we are apart our bond is strong and true. I love you baby with all my heart.

Forever and a Day

***Is it any wonder why I love this man the way I do. He is my world.

Breakfast in Bed

I was dying to try the french Breakfast
and thought it would be a nice surprise
for my sleeping angel.

The breakfast was on linen covered trays

and the waiter brought them in on the

room service cart just like you see
in every fancy movie hotel.

The first plate had eggs benedict on a bagel,

pomme frittes and real french yogurt

The second plate had an array of french pastry.

Croissants, Croissants with chocolate which are my favorite,

plum filled pastry , Maple and Cinnamon pastry

The third plate was the ripest most beautiful and sweet fruit,

I have ever tasted. It was just perfect.

Watermelon slices,stawberries,cantelope,

honeydew melon,mango,


and a yellow fruit called a ground cherry.

The fourth plate was a melange of toasts

multi grain, raisin and white breads.

A Basket of various jams and butter

as well as Coffee and tea with real cream ,

apple and orange juices were served




The view from our suite at night
When we arrived in our suite I was happily surprised
by a beautiful bouquet of red roses
and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries
like the one's we served at our wedding.
My Prince charming had called the
hotel to arrange a few romantic surprises.
He had the bed sprinkled with fresh rose petals

Rose petals adorned the
entire bath room as well,
from the sink,
to the shower to the bathtub.

This is the desk area of our suite

The Salon

The Salon

Wonderful wines and goodies

Our little kitchen

After 3 years we finally got our Honeymoon.
It was the first time that we actually got to do something together just for us.
***Many Thanks to Claudine , James and the Housekeeping staff. You were all wonderful and made our stay perfect*****

The Ibiza Spa- Le Crystal Hotel Montreal

This was my first ever spa experience.
I wish I would have booked an entire day of treatments.
It was very pampering and made me feel glamorous.

I had the 60 minute Beaute du visage facial
a 30 minute massage
and the Teeth Whitening Treatment

This is one of the massage rooms, Aromatherapy candles scent the warm room as new age nature tunes float in the air.

This is the Salon where you wait in between treatments. It was very plush. A beautiful glass dispenser displayed water with ice and lemon slices, there was a coffee and tea bar as well as trays of chocolates and cookies.

This is the indoor salt water swimming pool, warmed to 84 degrees

It is on the 12th floor of the hotel and the view of the city is impressive.

This is the Spa Bath. It is also salt water.
My husband and I ended most evenings with
a twilight soak in the warm waters.