Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

I was dying to try the french Breakfast
and thought it would be a nice surprise
for my sleeping angel.

The breakfast was on linen covered trays

and the waiter brought them in on the

room service cart just like you see
in every fancy movie hotel.

The first plate had eggs benedict on a bagel,

pomme frittes and real french yogurt

The second plate had an array of french pastry.

Croissants, Croissants with chocolate which are my favorite,

plum filled pastry , Maple and Cinnamon pastry

The third plate was the ripest most beautiful and sweet fruit,

I have ever tasted. It was just perfect.

Watermelon slices,stawberries,cantelope,

honeydew melon,mango,


and a yellow fruit called a ground cherry.

The fourth plate was a melange of toasts

multi grain, raisin and white breads.

A Basket of various jams and butter

as well as Coffee and tea with real cream ,

apple and orange juices were served

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