Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey Honey,

I was able to finally get on line last night after trying for like a hour but finally succeeded in doing so and was able to get to check out your blog and it looks wonderful lots of color and pictures of a couple that look like they are very much in love which we are great job.

Still sitting at the dock waiting on orders oh by the way I received conformation that my package did arrive in London so they have in their hands now we just have to wait for the certificate hopefully we wont have to wait to long for it.

Things seem to be going well on here as for now and real quiet and peaceful, the only thing that is missing is you and even though I may have only been gone for a day now I still miss you and wish that we could be together

I had a wonderful time home and did you know we held each other the whole time we were together and didn't stray from each other at all except for when I hauled ass to walmart to get the new filter, we do absolutely love each other and feel a strong sense of security when we are in each others company that we don't allow anything to come between us when we are together or even when we are apart our bond is strong and true. I love you baby with all my heart.

Forever and a Day

***Is it any wonder why I love this man the way I do. He is my world.

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