Friday, February 13, 2009


My Sweet Baby Boy made it home from Angola. I was so happy to see him .The girls and I picked him up at the airport . It was so cute how they recognized him right away as he was coming out and they got all happy and excited.

We had a fantastic week while he was home before he had to leave again for his next adventure.

We went to the Houston Museum of Natural History and saw the BodyWorlds 2 exhibit. It was definitely a unique experience, Very educational. It was a bizarre mix of art and life or rather death imitating the other.

We went to the movies and saw "Grand Torino" and "Taken" . We also had dinner and movie night with some friends. We watched "Step-Brothers" and "The Notebook".

As for home projects my Sweet Boy had promised to make me a real wooden Gingerbread gable piece to replace the one we had that was damaged during hurricane Ike. He used the old one as a template but added additional elements that were his creations alone. He added a heart for he and I and 2 little hearts for our girls and a Texas Star in the center. He did a fantastic job. I am always amazed at how he plans out every detail of a project while he is away on the boat. He has given it so much thought that when it comes down to doing the job he makes it seem so simple. I love it that he is creative and can do anything he sets his mind too.

My angel definitely knows what I like. Before he ever got home a box from Victoria's Secret was delivered to the house. He picked out 3 beautiful lingerie sets that I absolutely love. When he got home he had also brought me wonderful things from the places he had been. I got a Hard Rock shirt with Rhinestones from Lisbon, A Seksy Watch and Pendant from London along with this exquisite little LuLu Guiness purse, a bottle of Bulgari Jasmine Noir, and these fantastic champagne truffles.

The night my Dreamboat left to go back to work, he picked me up from work with the girls in the truck, it made me happy seeing my family out there waiting for me.

When I got home the house was lit by candlelight, and the air was perfumed by their scent. I noticed a candle in the dining room so I walked in there and on the dining room table he had a huge vase of lavender roses, a lilac candle that matched a beautiful card in a mirrored card holder, White garland with valentine hearts draped around his display in the shape of a heart, he had a red beaded crystal heart hanging from the chandelier, a red velvet bag with a white chenille teddy bear in it, and then there was a jewelery bag from Harborside Jewelers.

I was absolutely shocked and tears streamed down my cheeks, I had never seen or experienced anything so romantic.

He urged me to open the bag each item was wrapped in silver paper with purple bows and ribbons. Amethyst is my birthstone, so it was perfectly balanced Valentines Day and my Birthday both days he would not be at home but in my heart as he always is. I opened the first box, it contained chocolate pearl earrings, the second box was a chocolate pearl bracelet with a platinum heart clasp, the third box was a full length chocolate pearl necklace and a platinum heart clasp.

I just cried and hugged and kissed him, tears streaming down his cheeks as well. It was bittersweet that he had to leave at midnight and we only had 2 hours together but I cherish every minute we have together.

I Love You and Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

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