Sunday, February 7, 2010

BluSkies Spring Onion Crackers in Retro Tin

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BluSkies Spring Onion Crackers
Enjoy the delightfully crisp bite of the first and original BluSkies Spring Onion Crackers. Made with real spring onion chives and freshly roasted sesame seeds for that enjoyable taste that you are looking for in a healthy snack. BluSkies Spring Onion Crackers is so inbiteing, it’s delicious on its own! BluSkies Spring Onion has 0% cholesterol so you can enjoy the TASTE without the WAIST!

These crackers are imported from the Philipines. I found them at Hong Kong Market and really bought them because of the tin can they come in. Very retro ,it reminded me of the tins I grew up seeing in my Aunt Lee's pantry.
The crackers are very mild, they have delicate taste and I love them with butter and soup.

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