Friday, August 20, 2010


Growing up I had a yellow cockatiel. She was wonderful . I had her for many years. She was one of the best pets I ever had. My husband had also had birds in his past and had expressed an interest in getting another one. I was shopping with my friends and came across this beautiful bird for a price I could not pass up. I fixed up my old bird cage bought all kinds of new toys and looked forward to surprising my husband with this new pet for our anniversary. Unfortunately this bird is not sweet,docile or tame, He is downright mean. He has bit the dog twice and hung on like a pit bull. He has bit me drawing blood. I have to wear my winter gloves just to touch him
Everyday I put my gloves on , and get him out of the cage. I have him finger stepping, and I am attempting to break him of the ferocious biting. I whistle at him and sing his name to him, hoping he will come around and be a member of the family. Wish me well and send me any tips you may have on bird training.

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