Sunday, September 19, 2010


I came across a blog post by a guy talking about how men always wonder what is in a woman's purse. He had found a post by a French Female Blogger showing the contents of her bag. As we all know the French are into simplicity so you know her bag contained very Tres Chic little.
In the movie version "Nikita" the woman in charge of training Nikita in feminine wiles instructs her what and what not a purse should contain. Once again it was a minimalist approach. Cab fare, a tube of lipstick, keys, possibly an ID and a cellphone.
I know my purse although not overly large is quite heavy. I wondered how my purse contents would measure up.
the contents of my purse:
a linen handkerchief
my coin purse (Cash,ID,Credit Cards & Fishing
Car Keys on a glitzy key ring
Zebra notebook
Business Cards and Case
Demi notepad and pen
Sunglasses and case
a dozen packets of Crystal Lite peach tea
Cosmetic case (almond oil, powder compact,lip liner,lip color,lip gloss,
Crabtree and Evelyn hand lotion, head on headache gel and Tylenol)

Well I'd say What the contents of my bags says about me is

"Efficiency and Sinus Headaches"

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