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NOOK COLOR, August 28, 2011
Katherine Herrin "Katherine Herrin" (Galveston Texas)
This review is from: Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Tablet

My husband bought us a pair of Nook Colors for our anniversary.

I find it to be very user friendly . The first day I got it was able to load pictures from my pc, add apps so I could have Facebook, Twitter and Google + at hand, I was able to check my email, view videos. Its awesome!!!!

We took the Nook Color class at B&N just to make sure we were utilizing all of the features. I was very impressed a the speed of the Nooks processor. I can look up books, magazines, newspapers, apps & order them and they are downloaded in about 30 seconds.

I also like the Nook accessories. When we bought our Nooks we purchased screen scratch protectors and leather covers. I got a beautiful "red" leather one, my signature color, my husband got a very nice tri fold leather one in tan, we were also given cute little nook corner fobs with literary quotes on them.

The Nook incredibly stylish.

The images on the screen are clear, crisp and vivid.

I have been taking it with me everywhere. At dinner out, was able to use my Nook to check movie times. Its like having a mini laptop in my bag.

I picks up wi-fi great. I am working on tethering it to my cell phone in non wi fi areas with some success. My issue is where there is no wi fi ,I also have a weak signal on my phone. Everyone I have shown my nook color too has been impressed.

I forgot to mention it stores and reminds me of appointments, lets me take notes and email asap. This Nook is great for work and pleasure.

Oh yeah I can read books on it too...smiles

Thank you dearest husband for this anniversary gift. I absolutely love it.

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