Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have 3 large Red Earred Slider Rescued Turtles. 
 Texas went thru a severe drought a year ago, and many turtles seeking water were wandering out into roadways and being run over. I was with a client when we came across Tululah  the first turtle. I didnt know anything about  turtles but quickly started researching the subject and build a small pond for her out of a horse through submerged into the ground. Tululah preferred living in our banana tree for the first year. Around November she disappeared only to reappear around ground hog day. Thats when I learned turtles hibernate. This year before the blessed rains started , I found TaWanda (named after the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes"), our third turtle Tinkerbell was dropped off by someone who new about the others and figured I would give it a good home. After that I started getting calls from folks wanting to drop off found turtles. I had to decline because the trough was no longer big enough. I sent my husband the link to a raised turtle pond I saw online and he built it for me. It came out beautifully. It was pretty pricey to build because of the costly filtration system. I added some gold fish and rosies (50) to add some color. so far everyone seems to be living together happily. The turtles eat very well. I feed them greens twice aday and they also get fruits and melons. I will have to post a video of feeding time.

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