Friday, October 31, 2008

New Orleans

For years I dreamed of going to New Orleans . It has always held romantic ideas for me. I wasn't disappointed. I took the Algiers Ferry over to New Orleans in the morning and toured on foot all day every day for the week I was there. I picked up a map and walked every street . I had Cafe au lait and beignets at the Cafe du Monde. Each day I would find some out of the way little
dive to have lunch and I was never disappointed.

I strolled the French Market looking at all the vendors and wares. I loved the ecclectic little shops I came across. I picked up a few little memory triggers. The Fleur de lis is a symbol that struck a cord in me, perhaps its my roman catholic roots and my visit to Florence, Italy that made the symbol seem strong & comforting. I bought a mother of pearl business card case with a silver fleur de lis on its cover, as well as a black onyx mirrored compact and of course a silver key ring.

I loved the wrought iron balconies, with beautiful hanging gardens. Little gardens of edens in what they call sin city.

I visited The Old Ursuline Convent and the Cathedral basilica of St.Louis the King of France. I lit a holy candle and prayed. I also blessed myself wth Holy Water from the most beautiful font I have ever seen.

I learned to take the Street car. This was something for me since I have never caught a bus in my life let alone a trolly car.

I visited the Jackson square Brewery area. It was unimpressive.

Bourbon Street was nothing but bars and gift shops and strip clubs. The street entertainers were the best part of Bourbon St. My husband and I watched a group called Dragon Team they were excellent break dancers, very witty and knew how to work the crowd.

I found some very interesting costume shops and picked up 3 outfits and stockings, I also found a little wig shop called Fifi Mahoneys and got blond wig to go with my costumes. I am a little eccentric but my husband seems to enjoy it.

If I had lots a expendable money, I would spend 6 months in New Orleans, I would learn every nook and cranny, eat at every restaurant, take every tour, see every drag show, concert and soak up the ambiance into my very soul. I would wear evening gowns everyday and be the eccentic romantic I am...

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