Sunday, September 27, 2009

Secret Diary of a Desperate Housewife- Is Dying your hair a sign of mental illness


Back in High School there were the girls who dyed and bleached their hair. They generally were not the nice girls. When ever someone is described as a Bleached Blonde... what ever follows is not going to be flattering.

So I have always had an aversion to doing unnatural things to my hair or body.
At 40 I had 4 little white not even gray hairs that began spouting on the front left side of my head. During serious bouts of stress I could actually feel them growing. It doesn't help when those closest people to you point them out. Gradually it wears on you, it was this little nag at my self esteem. Til finally I just snapped. I went to the store and picked out some hair dye.
I figured if am going to do this I am going to go Red! Yes Flaming Red! Don't just flirt with it, Go all the way. The Dark Auburn I choose ended up matching my my Chili Pepper red swim suit and cover up. It really wasn't all that bad.

Bad is when it begins to fade and wash out and you no longer have a natural hair color. It becomes a vicious cycle. You have to keep dying it, or its this faded mousy haystack.

It made me think about why I dyed my hair and why most people do. I did it because my self esteem felt low, I wanted to change something in my life but everything else was out of my control, and even though dying my hair was out of character for me its what I chose to do because at that point. I wanted to be someone else, I wanted my life to be different..
Perhaps dying hair is not a certifiable mental illness, but its definitely a symptom of a larger problem. There are things I want to change and maybe I don't know how, maybe you don't know how.
Changing for the better makes me a better person. Accepting myself makes me a better person.
I guess my point here is that change happens. We can fight it,or We can flow with it. Always be true to yourself. Be who you want to be deep down in your spirit.

If having Scarlett hair makes you happy or being a Raven Haired beauty is what makes you feel your best than do it. Just do it for the right reasons, the only reason is "For Yourself".

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