Saturday, January 23, 2010


It was a good craft fair day.
I had a great time and picked up a few items.

I love the damask pattern and found this platter
with our initial on it for goodies.

I bought these candles
Wine & Roses, Wisteria, and Mulberry
I liked the zebra bag and tissue
they wrapped them in at the booth.
Tres Chic!

This was something I hadn't seen at the fair before.
A Wine-A-Rita booth.
I bought the Cosmo-Rita and the Peach Bellini-Rita
The samples were fantastic!
These will be wonderful for summer entertaining.

I bought these items at
The Truly Texas Booth
I like Bloody Mary's and picked
up a bottle of the Alamo Red Bloody Mary Mix
when I asked the lady for Cocktail Garnishes
she said they use the sweet hot jalapenos.
Sounded interesting, so I picked up a jar.
I got the Chili Mix as well
after trying the sample they had made up.

The Aunt Annie's red beans and rice from the Guadalupe Gourmet Pantry are always good. I picked up the gumbo mix just to try. I have bought from this booth before but I was a bit offended by the owner today. The credit card machine wasn't working right. It printed the approved receipt but it didn't print an area for the signature. The Sales person had me wait about 15 minutes for the owner to return. Just to make sure he didn't need to cancel the sale and re-run it. I said since I have been so nice and waited for you for so long I think you should give me a free BBQ sauce , he completely ignored me. I thought what a bastard, I won't buy from them again because of that.

All of us
Soups are so good I picked up 6 for the pantry

I also really like the dinner in a Jiffy Casseroles
so got 6 for the pantry as well

I have been wanting some potpourri

and I smelled this lovely orange potpourri
before I ever saw it ,
so I had to get some.

Once again I love the Damask Pattern,
and I was quickly accumulating little shopping bags
so I picked this one up to hold everything.
Its a great bag and I really like it

I also got a metal hose hanger for the driveway it has a Mermaid on it.
So it should go well with the Anchor planter I got last year from the same merchant

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  1. What a great blog! I just found you! lots of fun to read. Diane with Mermaid Cottages, Tybee Island, GA