Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Santa for Shut In's

For many years I was a huge supporter for Toy's for Tots. My family business was the largest designated drop off point for Toys for Tots in Galveston County. During that time I started a program called Santa for Shut In's. I took in donations for small items like slippers, toiletries, puzzle books, lap blankets anything anyone wanted to donate. I made gift totes and my step-dad and I would personally make the deliveries to all that had called to register.
I did this for 12 years until Hurricane Ike wiped out our homes and our business. I have a new home in a different city and I started my own business.Only time can mend my broken heart . In the meanwhile I still try to do good things for people. I made these cute little Christmas-y floral arrangements for my senior clients.
I dress up my little dog in her Santa Suit, I put on my Diva Santa Hat and off we go bringing Christmas cheer to a folks in our little corner of the world.

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