Sunday, March 20, 2011

Packing for Thailand

The hardest thing about travel for me is packing.
I have a binder with our travel arrangements, itinerary and addresses and phone numbers of any place on the journey I might remotely want to go. I have made contact with key people at each hotel and destination. I have arranged everything to the last detail. I have power adapters, pocket currency exchange cards printed out.
All that remains is what to wear.
I have a pretty good idea of what I will be packing. I have read up on the dress code and studied lots of videos on youtube. It seems what the books and websites say to wear is very different from what the Thai people wear in daily life. The books say no shorts especially for women over 40 how awful is that to say. No open shoes like thongs, no strappy summer dresses or anything that shows your shoulders or upper arm, no skirts above the knee etc. Thats most of my wardrobe except for the shorts. I rarely wear those. I am one of those girl gals who loves her dresses and glitzy sandals. I tend to dress/over dress for everything so I should look suitable even in 97 degree weather.
Also from what I have read I shouldnt look for clothes in my size, anyone above a 6 is considered fat there. Never the less jewelry never makes you look fat so thats my main objective.
Not sure how I am going to cope with the 30hrs of travel time. I did it once before and have avoided that long a flight for many years. With the limited items you can bring onboard, I will take some crosswords, a book, maybe my ipod and ofcourse every cable and cord for my camera and flipcam. Things I wouldnt dare want to be lost incase my luggage ends up someplace else.
If anyone can think of something they think I need to bring please email me.

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