Sunday, January 29, 2012


Despite my best efforts to complete all my Western New Year Traditions to ensure a Good 2012, things didn't turn out so well. The only business that was left undone through no fault of my own was being conned by a crooked auto mechanic, who not only stole my money but my vehicle as well.

Because of the bad mojo this fellow brought into my world, I totally blame him, for my freezer going out, and my cell phone continuously malfunctioning. As well as the new gray hairs that have appeared from the stress and aggravation of the 6 week ordeal with him that's going to drag on into months.

So I took the chance of a do-over with the 2012 Year of the Dragon Chinese Lunar New Year. I watched a youtube video by Cathay airlines about what Asians do in preparation for the Lunar New Year. So off to the Hong Kong Market I went. I bought a beautiful Yellow Mum Plant, I bought 3 Bahn Mi sandwiches, and a tiny red lantern that sticks to the window, and I wore red as from what the video said those are all "Good Luck" I forgot to lite incense but I did light a Holy Candle.

Anyway it seems to be working. I have embraced The Dragon. I enlisted the aide of many old and new friends and law enforcement agencies. I was able to get my vehicle back and what parts were left. My vehicle is now at another shop and I will be picking it up tomorrow.

So Thanks to the Dragon ,I wont be forced into a car note this year.

I filed suit against the Crooked Mechanic, and the wheels of justice move slowly, so I doubt that I will ever see the money returned, but at least I am not going to let him get away with it.

The other shop owners have banned together with the management of the industrial park and are having this guy evicted. I am sure he will just set up shop someplace else and con people.

There are 8 victims I have found so far. Most are female, and disabled or elderly.

I am working with an Investigative journalist who is going to document all this and publish it after the court case.

So hopefully I can at least warn others not to fall into the trap I did.

You may wonder how I found this guy to begin with. I asked friends who I have known for over 20 years to recommend a good mechanic. I trusted them when they bragged on how fabulous this guy was. Despite all the evidence presented they still believe their bar room buddies lies. I do feel betrayed by people I had considered friends.

The Dragon is giving me the strength to do what I have to do to , and I will have a Good New Year after all.

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