Monday, April 16, 2012


In Seattle, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel installed five rooftop hives
that are home to a half million honeybees once they reach full capacity in
2012. Executive Chef Gavin Stephenson spearheaded the hotel’s bee program with
Ballard Bee Company’s Corky Luster as a project consultant. With a hive
typically yielding 30 to 40 pounds, it’s likely the hotel will have over 150
pounds of honey to use by next year, with the hotel’s signature honey featured
on the menu in The Georgian restaurant by 2012.

In Seattle, Executive Chef Gavin Stephenson added: “Bee programs are
relatively new to Seattle so we are thrilled to be one of the leaders in this
charge, alongside Ballard Bee Company. Our culinary team is excited to taste the
first batch. Apparently the honey’s flavour is quite unpredictable at first –
bees travel up to six miles from their hive and bring back an array of different
nectars which is why ‘urban honey’ is so interesting and complex.”
Beekeeping has definitely taken off amongst the Fairmont family with honeybee
programs already in place at 13 properties

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