Sunday, June 3, 2012


 Margarita Pops
1 can Lima a Rita divided between 6 molds
flavored water enough to top off molds
1 lime sliced thin for garnish
freeze til solid

 Lemon Drop Pops
Lemon Drop Mixer-fill mold 3/4ths full
Agave Syrup- 1 tsp per mold
Limoncello- 1 cap full per mold
flavored water enough to top off
I used lemon zest, very thin lemon slices and min sprigs for garnish
Freeze til solid

Cooks note: I have these in the freezer, They have not frozen solid yet. Hopefully when I check them in the morning they will be. There is a science to getting the ratio correct so they will freeze. Unfortunately I am no scientist and do the trial and error method. one recipe I saw called for 4 cups juice and 1 tsp booze--if that's the case then why bother.
update: The pops did freeze well with the alcohol. The trick is to run the mold under warm water so the pop slips out, if you just try to pull it out the stick will come out and pop stays in mold.

To Serve:

Once pop is out of mold dip Margarita pop tip into coarse sea salt to garnish
for Lemon Drop Pop dip it in coarse sugar any pretty color


  1. These look so fun, have they frozen yet? I love those LimeARitas. Thanks for your comment on my swimming pool post. We are LOVING the pool! It was a daunting a scary process, and I was nervous at first, too, but a year later the yard is totally back to normal and everything looks beautiful. The maintenance hasn't been bad since we went with saltwater. We put in salt at the beginning of the season and add muratic acid every week (1/4-1/2 gallon). If you have any specific questions or want some updated pics, feel free to email me at

  2. The pops actually froze. The lemon drops alot more solid like hard as a rock. The lime a rita was frozen but the would break coming out of the mold.As for the pool we are applying for the loan right now. I am geting excited.