Saturday, September 8, 2012


 These are all Heirloom varieties of cherry tomatoes. They are so beautiful and vibrant. I keep them in a bowl dip them in sea salt and have them as a healthy snack.
 These are lemons from my tree. For the first several years I didn't use them. Then after our Thailand trip when I saw that the lemons and oranges in the market there also had green peels yet were ripe. I began to wonder about my own. Our yard guy routinely takes bag fulls of them . So I tried them, sure enough despite the skin being green they are perfectly ripe and ready to use . The reason they do not turn yellow here is because our climate is so warm. A citrus as well as other fruit trees needs a certain number of chill hours in a growing season for them to ripen and change to the yellow color.
 The Sunflower journal is my record book for planting, my garden diagrams and my chicken and egg production. The Squirrel is a new nut cracker I just bought. with all the rain we have had this summer, it looks as if pecan crops are going to be great. So I am getting prepared for all the nuts I will be shelling.
 These are the 2 eggs my hens laid this week. Egg production has been pretty slow the past few weeks. Lately I have seen the girls eating alot more laying feed. Hopefully this will help increase production. The eating of heartier feed makes me think they are bulking up for a cold winter.
I planted the garden last week with vegetable seeds. It looks like my Daikon, Turnip and a late batch of cantaloupes are sprouting nicely.

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