Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 My husband came up with idea on his own, Its made of heavy duty plywood, covered with knotty pine siding. It has a built in fan and led lighting inside.

 He even put a crystal knob on the door to the egg box for our Diva Chickens
 This is Lulu she rules the roost. She is my husbands favorite. She plays tic tac toe, drinks beer and loves to sit on your shoulder like a parrot.
 Here are a few of our hens checking out their new casa.
My sweet husband building the Hen Hacienda
At first my husband wasn't really thrilled about getting chickens but they quickly grew on him.We have 5 Bantams of the Five, Two are Layers and Three are loafers. We wont be going into the egg production business anytime soon. We average 3-4 eggs a week sometimes less. I enjoy the hens for their personalities and their antics. Just watching them brings me joy.
The girls free range 12 hrs a day 7am-7pm. They definitely let me know when they want out in the morning and sleeping late is not an option. Every evening as soon as it begins to get dusky they go in a procession to the coop and settle in for the night, all I have to do is shut the door. Not shown in the photo is the run off to the left side. The run contains the ladder that leads to the coop as well as their food and water fonts.

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