Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Desperate Housewives of Borondo Pines-Wild Berry Picking Adventure

The Desperate Housewives of Borondo Pines
made an outing to Jack Brooks Park
for a nature hike and some wild Dewberry picking.

We had a wonderful time despite the
thorn pricks and chigger bites.
I dressed in layers of protective clothing
to no avail.
The chiggers even got
into my boot.

Gayle is our Nature girl with a green thumb.
She has the most beautiful garden and flowers
bloom when she smiles.
She found the Secret Berry path and shared
it with us.
Alma is our cheerleader,
she keeps us all going and
is always spontanious

This is our haul.

Dewberries are a small variation of Blackberries.

We could have made a cobbler but we decided to take it up a notch and do something Diva with them.

Our Fantastic Wild Berry Cordial Recipe is in the next post,

better known as Housewife Hooch.

"The World is a much brighter place when you actually live in it."

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