Thursday, May 28, 2009

Le Tourment Vert Mojito from Mango Mango New Orleans

Le Tourment Vert Mojito
1) put a little ice in an unbreakable glass.
2) add 1 shot of bacardi silver and 1 shot of absinthe (you can also just use 2 shots of bacardi instead of absinthe).
3) add a generous pinch of fresh mint leaves
4) squeeze about 5 lime wedges into mixture
5) take a mortor or some sort of smashing device and grind the mint, lime, and alcohol
6) pour mixture into a glass and add more ice.
7) add about 1/2 a shot of simple syrup (to sweeten to your liking) and top off glass w/soda water
8) pour drink back into mixing cup then back into your glass

Ths is my favorite drink!!!!!!

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