Sunday, November 8, 2009


1. I am a Hopeless Romantic- I want to do something romantic everyday

2. I don't share

3. I love animals- the SPCA commercials make me cry

4. I have few close friends but we are friends for life

5. I love reading

6. I love travel to foreign countries

7. I have a passion for wonderful food

8. I love gardening

9. My favorite color is red

10. I like everything to match

11. I love museums and libraries

12. I like antiques

13. Mysteries are my favorite genre

14. Nigella Lawson is my favorite cook

15. I light Holy Candles and Pray the Rosary

16. I love cooking

17. I love Farmers Markets

18. I like blue cheese, olives and anchovies

19. I am generally a happy person

20. I will fight for what I believe is right

21. I am very organized

22. I am very creative

23. I enjoy fishing

24. I have worked as a Merchant Mariner on a boat

25. I have visited 17 countries

26. I would rather use homeopathic remedies than medication

27. My favorite holidays are Halloween, Christmas, Easter and the July 4th

28. I love picnics

29. I love old movies

30. Photography is a hobby

31. I want to write a book. I was told that I would write many books.

32. I would love to play the bad girl on a soap opera

33. I want to be fluent in Spanish and French

34. My two favorite cities are Nice,France and New Orleans,la.

35. I am not a drinker but I do like Cajun Bloody Mary's

36. I love lighting candles

37. I love bubblebaths

38. I have maxed out my Ipod with music and podcasts

39. I listen to NPR

40. I am a Republican

41. I have a cute bike with a fancy lace basket and flowers

42. I like dressing up

43. I love perfume I wear it everyday

44. My pajamas and slippers all match

45. I don't drink coffee- but I love chocolate covered coffee beans

46. I make lots of herbal iced tea

47. Diet Coke and Diet Cream Soda are my main staples

48. Cheeseburger Helper is my comfort food

49. I want to play Tennis and Racket ball again

50. I used to be a famous poet til I lost the muse

51. I am glamorous at heart

52. I keep a very clean house

53. I have been a missionary in Mexico

54. I collect retro aprons

55. The Thin Man is my favorite old movies series

56. I am a certified Scuba diver

57. I want to visit Thailand

58. Middle Eastern and Thai food are my favorites

59. I would love to take cooking classes in several European cities

60. I can sew and embroider

61. I have owned two cake businesses

62. I just started playing the lottery

63. I wish upon shooting stars

64. I am good at whatever I set my mind to

65. I love learning new things

66. I like pate and caviar

67. I secretly want a zebra print snuggie for Christmas

68. Flowers make me happy- I love sunset roses

69. I love full moons

70. I don't like talking on the phone

71. I am addicted to my computer

72. I am a certified Master Gardener

73. I am a Notary Public

74. I am a fantastic hostess

75. I love my husband with all my heart

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