Friday, November 27, 2009


We definitely had something to be Thankful for this
Thanksgiving My husband found a new job working for a great company. We traveled to Galiano, La. this week so he could seal the deal. After several months of struggling thru a layoff things may finally be taking a turn for the better.

I am still hoping and praying for something good to happen for me.  I need a full time job and I have lots of good people trying to help me, I just hope a job comes for me soon. I am baking cakes for people, cutting hair, cleaning houses and doing home health care. I also just took on a coordinator position for after school activities. Doing lots of part time work to make ends meet.

My husband decided he would cook Thanksgiving Dinner.  I believe this is the first Thanksgiving we have ever had together, he is usually offshore working thru all the holidays.

He smoked a prime rib , made mashed potatoes and green beans with bacon and a Russian salad. I made Hawaiian Bread Pudding and a Pumpkin Pie and we had Strawberry Coconut Vodka Cake. We were not expecting any company but my friend Matt came by and my Parents so we had a really nice family dinner. It was very special. Then my husbands friend and his girlfriend stopped by.

Today I made a wonderful Southwestern Tortilla Soup with some of the left over beef. I added corn and hominy, lots of cilantro, onion , garlic, tomatoes and cumin and chili powder.

I feel like I am coming down with something. I had a terrible sore throat last night and this morning but with ots of Orange juice, vitamin c and rest .I hope it get over it soon.

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