Friday, October 8, 2010


Real Food, Real People
Native American foods is proud to share with you our peoples' imaginative cuisine of living flavors harvested in a respectful way. As Lakota from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation,we hope you enjoy the great taste of our Tanka products.
Based on Wasna, a centuries old traditional dish using fruits and herbs to preserve buffalo meat, Tanka products are real food for real people.
We stat with prairie raised buffalo and combine it with tart sweet cranberries. Buffalo meat is raised without the use of hormones
Sustainable Food
We source as many ingredients as possible from Native American producers to help build more sustainable Native food systems. As the buffalo return to the grasslands the bio diversity of the great plains will also return, contributing to the restoration of the prairie and our earth.
To be Tanka s to live in balance with Mind,Body and Spirit
Learn more @, 800-416-7217
*info taken from packaging
Today I got in from work , got the mail and had it in a stack on the bed.
Beaujo my Dog Gourmand and boss of me, began pushing thru the stack of mail. While I was on the phone she actually pulled the tab on the envelope and opened it up. I quickly took it from her. I smelled the envelope but didn't detect any scent from it. As I perused the contents I was ecstatic to see it was my samples from Tanka. I read the packaging and it struck a harmony with me. They stand for and believe in the same things I do. They share my mantra of Balance in Mind ,Body and Spirit. Then I opened the first package of Hot Tanka bites. I did have to share with Beaujo . The bite was intensely flavorful , moist and tender. It is 100% natural. I was expecting some hard, dried up greasy jerky, but what I got was something I felt good about eating. The mix of Buffalo, cranberry,sugar,sea salt, black,jalapeno,habanero and red peppers, with onion, garlic and other spices was perfect. It was truly a treat for my taste buds. I will be recommending Tanka Products to my friends and looking to purchase more for my family.
**Special thanks to Linda for sending these wonderful samples and introducing me to a new tasty joy.

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