Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is one of the most unique booths I have come across in a while. The lady working the booth was knowledgeable and very friendly. She was more than happy to let us taste absolutely everything they were offering. She gave fantastic recipe and usage advice. I bought 2 balsamic vinegars a Fig and a Peach. The Peach was unlike anything I have ever tasted before, I fell in love with it immediately. My Mom choose Original Balsamic and Mandarin Balsamic both of those were great as well. In the middle jar is olive oil over Olives, sun dried tomatoes, herbs and feta cheese. Just the presentation was so beautiful I had to have it for my pantry. This is one of those vendors I will buy from again and again.

This is the Churches Cook Book. I always love the history that goes into a good church or community cookbook. There was a lovely write up in the Galveston Daily News about this one and it was number 1 on my Mom's must get list. We each bought a copy . I look forward to enjoying many recipes from it soon.

I am a flip flop, zebra print and Fleur De Lis fanatic, when I saw these, that incorporated all 3 of my loves, I knew I had to have them. I live in a place that rarely gets cold enough to have to wear closed in shoes. I can wear Flip Flops pretty much every day of the year. I think these are going to become a fast favorite.

These are Doggie Kerchiefs that can be slipped on the dogs collars. I bought these for my girls to wear this Christmas Season.

A charming couple ran this booth. The husband is the one who makes this sauce. The wife told me how her husband used to make the sauce for his Firefighter sons cook off team and it developed into a cottage industry. I thought that was great. I picked these up as a gift for my husband to go with his new Grill he is getting for Christmas

There is a man working on a project for my husband. I don't know him well, but he always wears a rosary around his neck, a Saint Medal and a Scapular. He is very polite and reverent and has a peace about him. Despite the long hours and hard work he does, his temperament is the same whether day or night. His contentment has made me long once again to become dedicated to my own Catholic faith. When I saw this rosary at the craft fair at a price I could not say no to. I bought it and will start wearing it as a constant reminder to take time for my faith, to pray the rosary which I used to do daily and love and learn the prayers in Italian. I know the rosary in English and in French, and a friend is after me to visit the nursing home and learn the Rosary in Italian from a lovely lady who may not have many more days to share her tradition.

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