Sunday, June 23, 2013


 My husband decided he needed a hobby while he was home. So he bought all manner of wood working equipment and saws. He wasn't home long enough to build many of the things he had in mind because he had to go back to work overseas a week earlier than planned. I had ordered this beautiful hand painted mailbox and wanted him to build just a simple stand for it . Well he didn't do simple, he went all out and built this one with a copper cap, gingerbread and a planter box for me. I love it!!!! I am the envy of the neighborhood.
 Our mail is actually delivered to community mail kiosks in the neighborhood like most of suburbia these days. I wanted this mailbox on my porch for those small packages the postman sometimes brings, for the Avon Lady to drop off Avon books, and for the Jehovah Witnesses to leave brochures. I am a Catholic but I have a great respect for the Jehovah Witnesses, they are kind people , who have never once asked me for a handout. Also just in case I need to leave something for a friend to pick up or drop off its a nice spot.
I got these antique wooden mallets at auction for my husband. I figure they might bring his wood shop some Good Luck. Cause " Ya know if your a 1/8th an inch off, your an 1/8th an inch off the whole way" quoting my husband

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