Sunday, June 23, 2013


 I was so proud that one of my lambs was placed at the foot of the St. Joseph statue.
This is the St Joseph's Altar at Santa Fe, Tx K 0f C Hall
This is the St. Joseph's Altar put on by the San Giovanni Italian Americans Assoc and held at St. Patrick's Church in Galveston (Holy Family Church since the storm)
 I baked all these cakes and cookies and divided them between the two altars. Baking for the altar every year lets me hold on to tradition. After Hurricane Ike destroyed everything I have ever known, things have never been the same. I no longer feel deeply rooted.
 Lime Jello cookies
 Cherry Jello Cookies
 Peach Jello Cookies
 Lemonade cookies with jelly beans
The lamb and rabbit cakes are staples on my family altar. My rabbit cake mold was damaged in the hurricane so it did not come out as I  had planned. I ordered an antique rabbit mold and will use that one next year.

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