Sunday, September 1, 2013


It has been a busy summer at the cottage . I have had to be out of town alot this summer. When I returned one Sunday after noon I checked on my girls and out peeps 2 little yellow chicks. I was so excited. I have had hens go broody for a year now but nothing ever hatched. So this was a wonderful surprise. In total 9 chicks hatched.
All 5 of my hens would lay eggs in the communal nest but only two hens Lulu and Scarlett actually sat the nest and have mothered the chicks.
4 chicks have been lost. I believe our dog who is not aggressive may have gotten them to play with and they became little chicken nuggets, 2 more were killed by Lulu shortly after they hatched.
I took 3 away from her and are raising them in a brooder. The first black chick that was born Lulu just went homicidal and tried to peck him to death. She did alot of damage to him, but with a little nursing and a lot of love he is healthy and growing into a beautiful bird.
The only thing I can speculate there doesn't seem to be a clear answer is that since the hens have laid at different times the eggs are hatching a week apart and Lulu doesn't want more babies just as she has the first batch which are a month old now almost grown.
It was very upsetting for me to find what she had done, and I am getting a stronger stomach and learning how nature works.
I am an island girl, so raising chickens is all a learning experience for me. I love my chickens.  The joke around here is what are you going to do with all these chickens. Since I just started selling Mary Kay at the beginning of summer ( I am my own best I say every one is getting some Mary Kay and a chicken for Christmas.

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