Sunday, September 1, 2013


 Strawberry and Lemonade mini cupcakes, Fresh figs from my garden and cherry lintzer cookies
 Pink Lemonade Punch:
Pink Lemonade, a bottle of 7up,
 and a bag of frozen tropical fruit from Schwans

 I have been a Mary Kay Customer for 20 years so I pretty much have everything. I brought out a huge bin of all my products so folks could see it before they buy it. My party was kind of a flop. I only sold about $150 worth of stuff, but thats ok I am really doing it because I buy so much Mary Kay myself that I can get a 50% discount by being a consultant. I love the new Timewise Repair Set.
 This is my consultant bag. What a great bag it even has organizers inside.

My Mary Kay must haves are definitely Timewise lip primer, Med-coverage foundation, loose powder, mint bliss foot cream, Satin Hands Peach set, the suncare lip balm and the SPF 50 MK Sunscreen, it works like a dream and gives you an even tan. Ofcourse I have every eye shadow and blush. The new Timewise Repair set is pricey but it works great. I could see and feel the difference in my skin in just one use. I have never really liked the Miracle set MK always tries to push, but Timewise Repair thats the way to go.

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