Sunday, March 30, 2014


There were lots of women at the conference. I chose to go to the one locally to save on hotel, parking and gas. I am glad I didn't spend the extra money to go to Dallas. Truthfully I did not not enjoy the career conference at all. The most enjoyable part was the 3 vendors they had onsite. I bought all the MK pins you see on my jacket, a great leopard purse, and MK gift certificates for my customers.

My reasons for not liking the conference are: 1. The chairs were attached and each seat was directly in front of the other, so I couldn't see. 2. When a guest speaker was up they were not projected on the giant video screen so I never even saw them. 3. The basic feel of the conference was cold. 4. I didn't learn anything that I haven't already learned in a weekly meeting. 5. If anything the career conference demotivated me and I felt like I got suckered out of 90$ ( I did receive cosmetics in my welcome packet which I will sell in my stock.)

Many people say seminar is much better, but I don't foresee myself spending over 800$ to attend it.

I like my Mary Kay just how it is with local weekly meetings and instruction.



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