Monday, March 10, 2014


In January like most people I decided to start it doing all the right things. So I made an appointment to have a mammogram. I had the original mammogram and within 2 weeks received a letter saying I had dense breasts and needed to come back for an additional mammogram and ultra sound.

This was the worst mistake of my life. This second mammogram was the most painful thing I have experienced. I have a high tolerance for pain , so when I have tears in my eyes and tell the technician its too much, then by God its too much. Instead of stopping the compression or backing off she cranked it down 3 more times.

The pain was excruciating . The ultra sound followed and I was told I would need to come back for a biopsy.

Not once had I ever seen the doctor. All this is coming from technicians.

That night my breasts hurt so bad and felt feverish. I was in so much pain, I didn't sleep a wink. I looked at my breasts in the mirror and saw that a vein had been ruptured and my breasts were bruised.

I called the office and said I need the doctor to call me and explain why I need this biopsy and tell her how much pain I am in. The woman on the phone said someone would call me. No one did.

A few days before the biopsy as scheduled a woman calls to move up my appointment. I said absolutely not. I have had to wear a compression sports bra for 2 weeks because of the pain I am still having from the mammogram and I cant even get a call from this fucking doctor to tell me why I need a biopsy. There is no frigging way I am letting someone shove an ice pick in my tits for shits and giggles.

The woman said a little discomfort is normal. I said this is not normal. My breasts were crushed. I have crush injuries and a vein was ruptured. She tried to convince me that I had to have this biopsy because they had seen microcalcifications and they were non lateral. After a few phone calls the woman calls back says oh no your mammogram is fine just come back in 6 months.

The pain subsided after about 3 weeks but returned right about the time of my menstrual cycle when my breasts generally swell.

I have decided to never subject myself to this again.

I talked to several women who had similar experiences and one from church who actually had to be taken by ambulance from the mammogram clinic and has had to have 2 plastic surgeries from an injury caused in the clinic.

Shortly afterwards I heard a discussion on NPR about a Canadian research report that says mammograms do not save any more lives than normal detection. That women are forced to have additional mammgrams and biopsies that are unneeded.

The scare tactics and mental anguish , pain, injury and suffering I went thru I would not wish on anyone. I cried for weeks. I truly felt violated.


  1. Oh, how awful. I am so sorry to have come to this post so late - I didn't know. I do hope you are feeling better now and I am thinking of you. xx

  2. Thank You . I am still having painful breast swelling at the monthly. Worse than I have ever had before this mammogram.