Sunday, June 7, 2009


Many Thanks to all the folks who opened their homes
and Gardens to us. Thanks for all your hard work
and getting the Island beautiful again.

Many Thanks to Paw Paw
for being the designated driver,
Navigator, and Parallel parker.Paw Paw got more compliments
on his Lizard shirt than I could count.
Don't go getting all big headed now!

2867 Dominique
A great place for entertaining
and cocktails by the pool

2909 Dominique
A wonderful flight on fancy.
Definitely an artistic carefree spirit.

4721 Sherman
Whimsical I loved all the Crabs.
Well established, a happy Place.

4328 Ave O
A well established garden
with fantastic antiquities
mixed into the landscape.
Adorable and Classy

4115 AVE O
I like the idea of using copper
endcaps tothe flower bed rails.
Definitely a cozy hideaway to relax in

My eye always catches unique little tidbits

Wonderful collection of taverna

Great old Wrought Iron set, No doubt was covered by
Hurricane Ikes waters, yet stood her ground

3202 Ave P1/2
This is my favorite garden.
I love that they have Chickens and sell yard eggs.
Its a beautiful tranquil place with magnificent statuary.

1814 Ave K
1728 AVE M

This was by far the best house on the tour. It was fantastic that the owners opened up their beautiful home as well as their garden. The house was absolutely gorgeous. The family own The Original Barking Frog in Galveston. . I can not wait to go to their shop after seeing the many wonderfully unique items displayed in their home. Truly magnificant. Charming family as well.

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