Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You are cordially invited to
A Birthday Party for Captain Greg
on June 21,2009 (Sunday)
at 2:00pm

This is the First birthday we have ever spent together,
He has always been out a sea in the past.
So we are making his Birthday Special.

He is bringing in Red Snapper fresh off the boat, and you know I always have something good cooked up.

So Please join us!

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  1. How wonderful! I know it will be really special for both of you! Happy birthday, Greg! As for your French exchange student, I know he will be so thrilled to be in the US...especially TEXAS! I'm sure he will want to do all of the American/Texan things you can take him to do/see and hang out with American teenagers. I'm afraid our food will be a big adjustment, but I know he will want to try it. My French friends loved BBQ and donuts...also sub sandwiches when they visited here. Their teenagers loved Coke and used a lot of ketchup, believe it or not...and this was in France. Their milk is NOT good because no one much drinks it. They mostly add it to very strong coffee...café au the morning. You probably won't see him down a gallon of milk a day like my teenage nephews! Breakfast is probably the biggest difference. Theirs is typically bread, butter and jam, although cereal is available. Certainly you want him to feel at home, but the whole point is for him to see what it is like here! Some good old Southern hospitality will take care of most things! What fun! Let me know how it goes!...Debbie