Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I saw the quote Find Love, Keep Love
the other day and it struck me.
Love is a very hard thing to find.
It alludes some people their entire lives.
That's why there are so many dating services,
and extra marital affairs.
When you find love, true love,
the love that makes your hear skip a beat,
than you need to do what ever it takes
to keep that love alive.
Love is to be cherished, adored nurtured,
nothing should ever come between you and the person you love.
Love is the most valuable asset you can ever have,
but you must work to keep it. Not sit idly by.
Its like a crystal chandelier
beautifully lit and sparkling,
but ignored it begins getting covered in dust
and it stops shinning as brightly as it did before,
it needs to be tended to cleaned,
each crystal washed and polished dry.
It's hard work but its worth it.
So always let the light of love shine.

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