Sunday, September 25, 2011



I heard about this product from a Filipino friend of mine. She said her sister who is a Dancer in Japan ( exhibitionist kind). Goes home to the Philippines for a month every summer and during that time she always puts on weight, so to loose it before returning to Japan she uses this Slimming Coffee also another cousin of hers lost 20 pounds taking it and walking.

I finally decided to check into and read reviews. I saw only two bad reviews one I thought was complete and utter bullshit, the woman claims to have lost weight and after the fact does some chemical analysis of the product with dishwashing liquid and declares it bad.

Someone else claimed to have heart palpitations and insomnia.

Anyway I ordered a box. Right off the bat,let me tell you you need to use a small Asian teacup, the packet and about 2-3 ozs of water. If you use an American size coffee cup its going to taste like hot water.

Not sure why so many people couldn't figure out the water mix ratio.

It definitely curbed my appetite I did not feel hungry at all. When I did eat although I did not feel hungry I wolfed my food down like I was starving, but I was sated with lesser amounts of food. I couldn't finish a whole plate of food like before. I also didn't crave sweet and salty stuff like before.

It does make you incredibly thirsty and you will pee alot the first 2 weeks. So drink plenty of water.

It claims to give you energy. I cant say I had alot more energy but I was alot more focused and seemed to get alot more done in a day, big projects. I had no issue with insomnia or heart palpitations. I have done no exercise, or lo cal diet food. I also went on vacation for a week while using the first box and I have lost 8 lbs with out even trying.

So I figure My stomach had been hard as a rock and looked like a watermelon, that has all gone away now and I lost 8lbs with no effort than I will order more product and actually try to limit my caloric intake and maybe exercise. I got as far as getting the yoga mat out but that's as far as it went with the exercise so far. But once I get my mind straight and do the healthy things for myself as well as the product. I will reach my goal weight.

I am feeling more energy. I ordered 4 more boxes since its kinda hard to come by. I will give an update after I finish the next box.


As of 11/20/2011 I have easily lost 14lbs. With no side affects aside from being more thirsty and foods tasting more spicy to me than normal. I have not exercised, I havent changed what I eat. I just seem to eat less with the product.


  1. havent you curious of its components? very limited info was written on its box...

  2. The product has now been banned for sell in the USA. I continued to lose weight with absolutely no side affects. It has been a great product for me. It truly worked. There is nothing in nature or man made that someone on the planet will not have issue with. It works beautifully for me and I am sorry to see it go. I will try to find an overseas distributor.