Thursday, September 29, 2011


Movie Theatre Etiquette....

These are just a few guidelines feel free to add others.

A civilized human being will already abide by these, but it seems humans are de-evolving and need to be told what's acceptable in polite society.

1.Do not come into a movie late. If you are late see something else.

2. Do not talk during movie

3. Do not get up in middle of movie to buy concession items and loudly take all your friends orders.

4. Do not disrupt a row of people by getting up repeatedly

5. Do not sit directly in front of someone when other seats are available

6. Don't put your feet on top of the seats in front of you, or kick the seat of the person in front of you.

7. Turn off your cell phone. No talking or texting.

8. Come early and choose your seat, don't crawl over people and disrupt others that are already seated

9. Stay seated til the movie ends

10. Don't bring food items that are noisy and disruptive

I went to the movies a week ago. 20 minutes into the movie about 8 people walk in talking loudly and crawling over people to find seats. 4 old bags come in laughing and start shining a flashlight in peoples faces blinding them while they cackle looking for seats.

One of their cell phones rang and they answered it and had a conversation.

Another guy got up at least 3 times disrupting the people seated on his row.

Stimy with his pimp hat had to plop down right in front of me. Another guy behind me kept kicking my chair, I turned and glared at him atleast 5 times to no avail when I finally said very loudly "You know I can feel you kicking my seat" he never apologized or said anything but he didn't kick my chair anymore.

A Mexican woman and 4 kids came in with a grocery bag of food. They talked loudly and passed food back and forth like it was their living room.

Also a big fat ass and his crew several rows ahead, stand up during the last scene of the movie blocking the view, they stand there watching the movie before they make a run for it before the credits roll.

Last but not least was the big fat woman that should have changed her diaper before going out in public the smell of shit was over powering as she waddled past.

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