Saturday, October 1, 2011



Tom Kha Shrimp
Delicious Shrimp with lemon grass, galangal,

mushroom blended in lime juice and coconut milk.

Shrimp Mermaid

A Mixture of crab meat, shrimp wrapped and grilled on skewers with homemade sauce.


Thai Cottage

565 w. Bay Area Blvd


I arrived there a little after 2pm. The place seemed to have alot of customers. No one greeted me, so I walked over and sat at a table. A couple came in shortly after I did and sat across from me. They got waited on first. Finally a waiter walked by and handed me a torn menu and snarkily asked what I wanted to drink. Everything absolutely everything on the lunch menu had chicken in it. I don't care for chicken so I had to order from the dinner menu.

I ordered the Tom Kha soup with Shrimp which took awhile to come out but I understood as it was probably cooked fresh in back. The soup was very good.

The Shrimp Mermaid sounded really good and was beautifully presented. How ever the homemade dipping sauce was nothing more than sweet and sour sauce. The crab mentioned in the description was non existent. Instead it was more a like ground chicken meat coat around the shrimp.

No waiter asked if I needed anything or offered to bring me another drink. Instead the only other contact I had with the waiter was when he put the bill on the table and said you wont be ordering anything else will you? I took it as more of a statement than a question.

The kitchen crew began coming out with plates of food and sat at nearby tables and began eating. The waitstaff had all pretty much walked out the door. There were still many tables of customers. I paid my ticket at 3:13pm sans tip.

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