Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Incredible Shrinking Newspaper


Monday Morning I get my newspaper and start looking thru it like I do every morning. It seemed different but I couldn't put my finger on it. I thought it seemed smaller but I thought No! there are some things in life are constant, that can be counted on and the standard size of a newspaper had to be on that list. Since hurricane Ike I haven't been myself. It has affected me deeply. Seeing the destruction of the place I was born and raised and had lived in most of my life I am distraught, losing the job I loved where I worked for the last 10 years because the building was destroyed and there is no insurance to rebuild,being broke and unemployed, having the home where my prized possessions were housed broken into and looted. Yes I am under a tremendous amount of stress or PTSD what ever you want to call it, So my focus has been fuzzy for awhile now. So yes I indeed thought it was just another bit of my mind being lost when I called into question the newspaper. Then I saw the article that follows, this post. So I did in fact feel validated. I do want to give credit where credit is due, after the hurricane when we were not allowed for weeks to return to the island and see what had become of it. The Galveston Daily News was still being printed and delivered. It was something I held dear like a life line and I thank them for being there.

Change in format coming Monday

From staff reports The Daily News
Published November 2, 2008Readers are going to see a slimmer Daily News on Monday.The change will be in the width of each page. It’s going to get slimmer by about 2 inches. If the newspaper were a person, it would be getting skinnier, not shorter. It’s almost as if The Daily News were going on a diet — and that gets to the reason behind the change.We’re trying to keep the paper affordable to readers.The cost of newsprint is a major expense for us and for other newspapers. Many papers have already switched to the narrower page. We think it’ll be the standard within a couple of years.Incidentally, this isn’t the first time that the standard size of a newspaper page has changed. You might recall the last change eight years ago.The only change you’ll see Monday will be in the package, not the content. We’ll work hard to keep bringing you the local news. If you have any concerns or comments, contact Editor Heber Taylor at 409-683-5245 or heber.taylor(at)galvnews.com.

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