Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I have always felt like Thanksgiving was a stumbling block to the big holiday, "Christmas". So although I do celebrate it, I don't go overboard for it. Since it will just be me and the girls. I am roasting 2 Cornish game hens with lemon, butter and rosemary. I will roast potato wedges and carrots with the same herb blend. With the left overs I always use them to make a Moroccan stew which is just fantastic.

I baked a spice cake with cream cheese frosting topped with walnuts for one friend and I just finished the orders I got for 2 large loafs of pumpkin Spice bread topped with lots of walnuts.

My Sweet Husband is back out at sea, but we have gotten to talk more often this past trip. Which is great. Its harder when he is gone and the communication is limited. He seems to be very happy on the boat he is on, so I am happy for him. I mailed him a Thanksgiving card and a Christmas Card hopefully, he will receive them before the holiday. He says I don't have to do it, but I always want him to know I love him and I think about him, and even though we are always apart on every holiday, he is in my heart.

If the new movies are out on Thursday ,then my plan is to go and see the new "Transporter" movie and the comedy "4 Christmases".

Hopefully next week I will be hired for a new job. I scored a 96 on the entrance exam , which was pretty good for taking an exam and not knowing what would be on it at all. I have excellent references so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have bible study tonight, which I really enjoy. I have made some very good friends in the group. I have been doing this study religiously...lol for 14 months.

Things I am Thankful for......

My husband, My Girls, My Boys, Good Neighbors, My Bible Study Family, The gift of creativity.

I am praying for:

The Pinnette Family who's Father who had Alzheimer's wondered off from just down the road a week ago and it was not a happy ending. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

for the health issues of two of my friends.

that my husband will continue to be happy in his work and achieve his goals.

That I will get the job I need so badly, and I will excel in it.

I thank God for my Girls, they make me so happy and I love them more than anything.


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