Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Fall Ya'll

I put out a few decorations to decorate the house for fall. I am not much of a Thanksgiving person, I have always felt it was just a stumbling block on the way to Christmas which is my favorite hoilday. I do like the first crisp days of fall as it always puts me in the mood to bake. Unfortunately we don't have that many crisp fall days here on the Gulf Coast. Its an old Wive's Tale( Old Wive's do know a thing or two) but I have always heard that after a big Hurricane like Hurricane Ike we just experienced that a frigidly cold winter follows.

I have a jar of Butternut squash soup and several pumpkin butters and pumpkin muffin mix, and cranberry relish in the pantry from my last raid of Williams Sonoma. I love Williams Sonoma especially the catalog and recipes.
I sure hope I get the job I applied for, Then I will have folks to share all the baked goods with.

A Chef I worked wth on a ship in Alaska once told me that "a Baker made a good cook, but a cook made a terrible baker". I happen to mention this to my husband one night while I was baking homemade peanut butter cookies. I then added how lucky he was I was a baker. Mind you I was out of flour and used bisquick, and I had no shortening so I used butter. Well they looked beautiful til I put them in the oven and they all spread out into square flat pancakes. They tasted great mind you. Well wouldn't you know he had to start in with oh my what a little baker you are.

He stayed up late that night and came to bed moaning and groaning that he ate to many cookies and milk. The next morning when I got up the platter of cookies was almost gone, so I coquettishly smile and say you little cookie monster you and gave him a kiss. He looked at me like I was crazy. I thought what a jack ass!

Well when he comes in the kitchen he looks at the platter and says I didnt eat all those. I said "Well who did? the dog?", about that time we both looked at Sally our Golden Retriever and indeed the guilty party. Sally is so long legged there is no place aside from the top of the refrigerator she can not reach. She has eaten pies and an entire pizza before but that was when she was younger. Needless to say my cookies became doggie treats after that.

At a party we had last spring a Judge friend of ours brought us an orchid plant . His wife raises them. It was in full bloom when he gave it to me and the blooms stayed beautiful for a very long time. Once they were spent I followed his directions and trimmed it back. Well its in bloom again. Its gorgeous.

Everybody say a prayer for me that I get this job. I am out of money and I need to get back to work bad.

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