Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was telling my neighbor Roy about my new turtle.

So he told me a funny story that happened 30 years ago

when his grown children were little.

He said his son was crazy about turtles and they were driving to go to Grandma's when on this old road they come across a turtle. His son starts yelling Dad, its a turtle. I want him. So old Roy pulls over and picks this turtle up and puts him in the back with the kids. His son is so happy he has a turtle.

Well a little ways down the road the turtle starts acting pretty aggressive. Kids, The wife and Grannie start screaming, so Roy does one of those pulling over real quick maneuvers and every one bails out of the car. The turtle is hissing and snapping.

So Roy gets a big stick he said it was about 2 inches thick and he starts prodding the turtle out of the car by this bait shop. He said the turtle bit that stick in half. So that taught Roy not to pick up hitchhiking Terpins.

No turtles were harmed in the telling of this story....

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