Sunday, July 24, 2011


On the way to work I saw a cat on a fence post with a cheeto bag (small snack size bag) on his head he was suffocating . I pulled over, climbed the fence in dress to rescue him but,He jumped down startled into a horse pen.

I couldn't get to him thru the barbed wire. So I climbed back over the fence and I drove to the ranch house to get help. A cowboy named Saldovar came and rescued the cat. He got scratched up pretty bad, but cheers to him for saving a life today.

The poor cats head was soaking wet from saliva and respiration. He took off like a shot and ran into the hen house, so I believe he will be ok. I never got to check him up close after the event.

That's the first time I ever saw something like that. I don't throw trash out of the window. All the Public Service Announcements I heard as a child about "Don't Mess with Texas" regarding not littering our Streets. Highways and By-ways sunk in with me. Now I have seen first hand the ill effects litter has on nature. It really affected me. Had I not come along and saw him, the kitty would have died.

I did rip my panties and my dress getting over the fence, I threw out my back, and I have a good bruise on my bottom. I definitely get my love of animals from my mom .

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  1. Well done. I'm sure the cat will be fine now, thanks to your kindness and prompt action.