Friday, July 15, 2011


My Uncle Porter is 5 ft tall and 5 ft round, bald and has a glint in his pretty blue eyes like an evil Santa Claus. He used to get that Dr. Leonards catalog all the time. Well he ordered something called stump juice (for rotting out old tree stumps) anyway our housekeeper took his catalog and ordered several of those long line granny bra's, ...somehow they shipped her bras to him. I happened to walk into the office when he was on the phone having a hissy fit saying I am a man I don't wear bras, where is my stump juice. Had anyone who didn't know the background story walked in they would have thought it was an obscene phone

William S. Cherry Katherine, that's one of the great stories of all times! And I have the God given authority to say that since I've written at least a 1000 of them mself. Thanks for sharing it with me/us.

Ruth Lacquement Katherine, Bill Cherry is right! That's a great story and you told it so well...SO funny!

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