Sunday, April 5, 2015


I was working today. My morning started when I picked my client up at 730am for Easter Sunday Mass. I would also be fixing Easter Dinner at work. So I needed to make it quick and simple.
Deviled Easter eggs
I whipped these up this morning
Kale, Brussels sprouts, radicchio, Asiago 
and lemon vinaigrette 
Store bought from Sam's 
I just had to put it together
 Clam chowder
Also bought at Sam's 
I just had to heat it and garnish
 Buttermilk biscuits come frozen 
from Sam's all I had to do was bake them

 Sugar Glazed Butter carrots
I did make these from scratch
 Lobster Mac & Cheese
Purchased from Sam's

Spiced Strawberry Cake
I bought the spiced strawberry pound cake from Froberg Farms. It seemed unusual and it turned out to be very good. 
I made the strawberries for the topping, ready whip and done.

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